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What would courage have you do?

Women Empowerment Coaching

Are you feeling tired of being stuck? Stuck in old patterns, guilt, shame, or even grief?

Experience Empowerment Coaching that will validate your emotions and break the old patterns within you. You will see that there’s a different way to look at things that are holding you back. There is an Empowerment process we follow and it will lead you to courage, freedom and peace. Letting go of old beliefs and pains is like an onion that you peel layer by layer.

When women feel more empowered, who we are and what we want becomes clear, naturally. Suddenly we are in the flow. We can set goals for our lives. When we resonate at the lower emotion levels like shame, guilt, blame and hopelessness, we have lost our power and life feels dark and heavy.

Coaching for Life is an adventure and not a struggle. With Empowerment Coaching you can create the life you always wanted. 

As an empowerment coach I work with women who want to raise their awareness levels and together we walk the path of remembering, speaking the truth and forgiveness to shift higher up. Our wounded self has protected us, and it is time to step up into women energy as we call this in empowerment coaching. Let’s take back our power, heal and transform our lives with courage.




About your Coach

Join me and trust this proven process

With an experience of 35 years as a professional in Social Sciences, I am dedicated to work with women and children in difficult situations in mental health facilities, group homes and school settings. After graduating in Germany with a Bachelor in Special Education majoring in child counselling, I am employed for almost 20 years as a Child and Youth Care Worker/Counsellor in School Districts in British Columbia, Canada.

Advanced studies with the world-renowned SWAT Coaching School lead me to become a Certified Master Empowerment Coach. Empowering parents and teenagers, engaging the clients with an insight and accountability to help them achieve the consistent results they desire by growing out of the lower downward spiral like shame, guilt and fear upward embracing neutrality, courage, optimism and joy.

In my coaching sessions, I walk you through the Map of Empowerment and only once you are empowered enough, you make decisions and take action from that empowered place. This is also the main difference between Empowerment Coaching and some of the more common versions of Life Coaching. 

Change will be created in you from the inside out. Results will come when you act in true empowerment and the changes will be sustainable. 

I would be honoured to work with you through this Empowerment Process.

Sabine Görtz

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What clients have to say


Working with Sabine was an absolute delight. Sabine is an attentive and engaged listener, she offered thoughtful and relevant insight and when applicable and beneficial, she shared some of her own experience to make it relatable. I felt very at ease with her and was able to be open and vulnerable. After working with her I feel more focused and empowered and have recommended her services to a few other women in my personal network.

Shari W., North Vancouver, BC

Sabine is an amazing Empowerment Coach.  As soon as our coaching session began, I felt a connection with her.  She was professional but down to earth.  I felt so comfortable and at ease.  She listened, asked questions and was able to laser in on the issues I was experiencing.  Sabine is also very compassionate and really cares about her clients.  I looked forward to all of our sessions.  She is motivational and will help you on your journey to empowerment.

Tracey T., Paradise, NL

What will you experience?

Our Empowerment Process

You will be set free by gaining strength when we walk together through the Empowerment Map with a variety of questions like the following:

Where are you stuck?

What are your big dreams?

What would courage have you do?

What is holding you back?

Are you at a crossroad in life?

Do you need empowerment?

Do you have healthy boundaries?

Do you feel inner love?

Are you struggeling with grief?

What’s in it for you?

Benefits of Empowerment Life Coaching

according to SWAT institute founder Crystal Andrus Morisette

  • Healing from past traumas and losses

  • Claiming power over your thoughts and life

  • Getting unstuck in old relationship patterns

  • Maintain inner love and peace

  • Improve all your relationships especially with yourself

Are you curious what your life could look like?

Don't hesitate and take the next step...


Delta, BC, Canada

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