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Take charge of your Life and
End-of-Life Choices

Walk a new path.

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Take charge of your Life and End-of-Life Choices.

Ethical Death Care

doing death differently

You don’t have to die alone.

Death is a natural part of life and as an end-of-life practitioner, I help families cope with the loss and grief of a loved one. Death is a process that can span over years sometimes months. My approach is holistic, person-centered and supportive of your journey.

A doula is a trained companion who is not a healthcare professional and who assists another individual through a significant health-related experience, such as miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth, or non-reproductive experiences such as dying. A doula may also provide support to the client’s partner, family, and friends.

My work can be done right in your home or in a hospice/ hospital or even online. Sometimes the client has special wishes or wants me to contact the family and start a healing conversation with everybody.

Together, we explore different options like MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying), cremations, burials or life celebrations.

With this approach to ethical death care, we are definitely doing death differently. 

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"We are all walking each other home"

~ Ram Dass, American Spiritual Teacher (1913 - 2019)

What would courage have you do?


Are you feeling tired of being stuck? Stuck in old patterns, guilt, shame, or even grief?

Experience Life Coaching that will validate your emotions and break the old patterns within you. You will see that there’s a different way to look at things that are holding you back. There is an Empowerment process we follow and it will lead you to courage, freedom and peace. Letting go of old beliefs and pains is like an onion that you peel layer by layer.

When we feel more empowered, who we are and what we want becomes clear, naturally. Suddenly we are in the flow. We can set goals for our lives. When we resonate at the lower emotion levels like shame, guilt, blame and hopelessness, we have lost our power and life feels dark and heavy.

Coaching for Life is an adventure and not a struggle. With Empowerment Coaching you can create the life you always wanted. 

As a life coach I work with children, teenagers, young adults and women who want to raise their awareness levels and together we walk the path of remembering, speaking the truth and forgiveness to shift higher up.

Let’s take back your power, heal and transform your lives with courage.

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Meet Sabine

Get to know your Life Coach &
Death Doula Practitioner

I truly believe that people are never broken; they just temporarily do not remember who they really are. 

The pain of dying and loss can be overwhelming, there are healthy ways to cope with this by reaching out for support to heal. Time alone doesn’t help if you are stuck, but looking at death differently gives your heart a chance to heal. 

Conscious dying is the dying process to become more present and loving, an opportunity for profound healing, and for spiritual awakening.

The grieving process is a reaction to loss, is itself healthy, and you come to terms with the loss you experienced. 

People might notice physical reactions, strong emotions and recurring thoughts in their grief. I offer that you feel comforted in this process. There are grief rituals in every tradition like memorial services, end of life ceremonies and life celebrations that honour the dead. Some people cry, others are shocked; all these emotions are expected.

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