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My passion is interacting with women and children and this inspired me to study people’s motives and desires.  I’m analytical and solution oriented. My love is to heal and help. Travelling and experiencing myself in different countries, living and thinking outside my natural living boundaries are my favourite activities. I’m reliable, my compassion is real, and the approach is very solution oriented!

I’m passionate about eating clean and using good supplements for my body and like to help people to become healthier, eat better and find the right nourishment for their bodies. Organic supplements and foods the earth provides for us are essential. My love for reading and learning helps me with that nourishing interest.

Affection for nature, animals and especially pets are some of my passions. Sometimes I even feel that I can communicate with nature.

When I immigrated from Germany to Canada a whole new world opened to me including a new language and partnership. Finding my ways as a new mother and wife was like I was born again and needed to find my identity. I can help you in the jungle of emotions and desires to find your light again. I can help bring you on the way to find your innocent little girl inside of you, let her bright light shine and find joy in life again.

In 2016 I lost both my parents in Germany only 6 weeks apart, and was responsible for my brother who had suffered a brain trauma as a teenager, all while 10.000 km away in Canada. I was grief stricken and found that talking and being able to express the loss and fear in a coaching season with Crystal Andrus Morrissette gave me hope and courage to see the light again.

If you feel stuck; there’s a fork in the road or you need a fresh start then I’m here for you to listen, plan and empower you. If you are looking for a highly motivated involved coach, then I’m your women.

~ Sabine Görtz ~

Certified Masters Empowerment Coach

Sabine Görtz
Certified Masters Empowerment Coach

I truly believe that people are never broken; they just temporarily do not remember who they really are. 

I believe we all have divine moments of total truth and clarity where we see what we need to do and how great life can be. It’s a boost of energy from our creator. Then the fog slowly sets in and mists everything over. To stay in clarity we need to meditate, stay focused and goal oriented; turn ‘North to the true Spirit’, make yourself #1 to achieve your goals.

This does not mean you ignore others or your family, but instead you pull them along in your women empowerment success. Pulling all our parts together, lifting the fog and becoming whole to look after our wealth, love, career, health, partnership or marriage and raising our children to grow as empowered people is the goal.

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