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Doing Coaching Differently

Coaching has many facets. From a soccer coach, teacher, employment counsellor to coaching someone in a pivotal time in their life. Sabine Coaching is offering a specific empowerment coaching process which entails:

  • Death Coaching
  • Grief Coaching
  • Life Coaching
support dying and grief

Death Coaching

  • Exploring your own mortality and the fears around it.
  • Supporting someone at their end-of-life.
  • Receiving tools to be present and connected to yourself while being supported without projecting your own fears and/or anxieties.
  • Coaching on how to speak and engage with the Dying.
  • Exploring what is important to you and how to prepare for your own death.

Grief Coaching

  • Grief is where we come to terms with that a person died.
  • Grief  is very personal and different for everyone.
  • Grief is very unique to beliefs, age, and other circumstances.
  • Guiding you through your emotions of loss & practical life.
  • The goal of this process is to heal so you can continue living to your highest fulfilment.
  • Grief coaching also extents to the death of a pet. 
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Life Coaching

Together we can explore what matters most to you and where you feel stuck in your life or what to improve. A life coach is a there to guide through conflicts, big life decisions, feeling lost or having unhealthy patterns.

Empowerment Coaching is about a shift in perception. This solution oriented personal Empowerment Coaching can include working on yourself, your emotions around grief, partner- and relationships. 

Through a series of specific questions, processes, meditations, and interventions, we set goals for your mental health and well-being by uncovering blocks

You have the power to change your life. Together we unlock your blocks by having a different perspective on your reality and this will give you the ability to love yourself and live your best life. 

If you feel stuck after experiencing a loss, the coaching process can help you step into your new consciousness that leads to a joyous life again.

No matter if you are a terminally ill client embracing the end-of-life, you can still be heard and valued and lose the fear of dying

Helping you to step into your emotions and allowing the healing process to take place, to become stronger and more confident to claim your rights. 

  • Empowerment & Grief Coaching, inspirational concept to deal with life’s struggles
  • Wellness, improving health and life
  • Emotional family coaching for parents and caretakers plus their children
  • Uncovering why your body needs to be treated with love
  • Gratitude, meditation, homework
  • Exploring the meaning of Oracle Cards

What can you expect?

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"I am not what happened to me,
I am what i choose to become."

~ Carl G. Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist (1875 - 1961)

Coaching and End-of-Life Practitioner visits are possible both online or in Person. Thanks to Covid times, we all learned that the virtual world is possible and I offer online sessions via Zoom or Teams. If you are living in my local area of British Columbia then an in person home visit is possible.

My work can be done right in your home or in a hospice/ hospital or even online. Sometimes the client has special wishes or wants me to contact the family and start a healing conversation with everybody.

There are single or multiple hour packages available and we like to discuss this with you after the 1-hour exploration session.