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About Sabine

Death is a sacred portal

Death was always part of my life and I looked at it as a natural occurrence. I grew up in a small village in Germany where the elders and my many relatives died peacefully at home in their white linens. I remember that as a 4-year old I needed to see the dead so I could say farewell by holding hands and whispering in their ears.

It was magic to me and completely natural.

Affection for nature, animals and especially pets are some of my passions. Sometimes I feel that I can communicate with nature.

When I immigrated from Germany to Canada, a whole new world opened to me including a new language and partnership. Finding my ways as a new mother and wife was like I was born again and needed to find my identity. This brought me to my work where my passion to listen and help children and teens is rewarded.

In 2016, I lost both my parents in Germany only 6 weeks apart, and was responsible for my brother who had suffered a brain trauma as a teenager, all while 10.000 km away in Canada. I was grief stricken and found that talking, and being able to express the loss, anxiety and fear in a coaching session gave me hope, and courage to see the light again

The experience I made in this coaching session led me to enrol in the 2-year Women Empowerment Coaching Program by the world-renowned S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) in Canada.

My passion is interacting with women and children and this inspired me to study people’s motives and desires. My love is to heal and help. Travelling and experiencing myself in different countries, living and thinking outside my natural living boundaries are my favourite activities. My compassion is real, and my approach is very solution oriented.

If you feel stuck in your grief; there’s a fork in the road or you need a fresh start then I’m here for you to listen, plan and empower you

My Experience

With an experience of 35+ years as a professional in Social Sciences, I am dedicated to work with women and children in difficult situations in mental health facilities, group homes and school settings. After graduating in Germany with a Bachelor in Special Education majoring in Child Counselling, I work for almost 20 years as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor in School Districts in British Columbia, Canada.

Advanced studies with the world-renowned SWAT Coaching School lead me to become a Certified Master Empowerment Coach. Change will be created in you from the inside out. Results will come when you act in true empowerment and the changes will be sustainable.

Additionally in 2020, I became an End-of-Life-Doula to empower, educate & encourage my clients and their families to be involved in the decision making regarding the end-of-life process. I assist families during the dying process and also how to cope with grief and loss. My approach is holistic, person-centered, supportive and with quality care. My support is specific to my clients needs, beliefs, spirituality and desires.

I would be honoured to work with you through your life and end-of-life path.

sabine gortz women empowerment coach

Sabine Görtz

End-of-life-Practitioner, Death Doula

Certified Masters Empowerment Coach

Death is not the opposite of life, but part of it.

~ Haruki Murakami, Japanese Writer (born 1949)

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